Right-click “My Computer” in Windows 7 or “This PC” in Windows 10. It’s enough to full-format the PS4 hard drive on a PC. You’re welcome. Recently, my playstation has be crashing upon playing games for a certain period of time, it varies/ For example I would play apex legends and all of a sudden, the sound cuts out, the textures go blurry, then the game itself crashes. Reinstall the game/app with which PS4 freezes. Thanks a lot Glen for all these details. It happens that a Toshiba external hard drive is not working in Windows, be it not showing up, not recognized, or not showing files. Most of my games keep crashing… i keep getting the error code 34878-0…. These drives offer the best value for your money while still being fast, reliable, and responsive to your PlayStation games. These games never crashed and only had visual texture bugs, however now upon playing Death Stranding the game audio buzzes and freezes then the game crashes with the CE-34878-0 error. If it didn’t work still, most probably the power supply needs maintenance. them while i was playing warzone the game starts to froze. PS4 PRO Hard Drive Specifications in Detail, PS4 Pro 2tb Hard Drive Upgrade Guide – The Best Options. The PS4 is still problematic, even I as type I got the CE-36329-3 error. Step 5: Now turn off PS4 again. put the NHL game in, the main screen appears. Yes, you’re right. Thanks for your feedback. Hi, I’ve tried rebuilding the database and reinitializing but my PS4 still ends up freezing and hanging and sometimes shutting itself down. How come I can play some games without issues and others can’t be played without having bad FPS? The PS4’s built-in hard drive is no speed demon, and you’ll get to witness that first-hand here. This is the first PlayStation to ever crap out on me. When it comes to external hard drives for your PS4, there are two types to choose from: hard drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs). I used the following command: While it is possible that your external hard drive may have come with bundled software that may be incompatible with newer operating systems, this is typically just ‘back up’ software, and the drive is not dependent on that software to function. Please help. My PS4 started showing STORAGE ERROR message when I try to boot it up. It takes 2 power button presses to fire it up again, and it tells me the system wasn’t shut off properly. You have to perform some tests before reaching that point. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This will eliminate bad sectors that are probably the main reason for these issues you have. Updating your firmware for your console can help fix the Xbox One external hard drive stopped working issue. This is probably because of the existence of bad sectors.You can fix that only by connecting your PS4 hard driv… Step 3: Turn off PS4 again and reconnect the external hard drive. Copyright © 2013 - 2021 Rescue Digital Media, All Rights Reserved, #2: Format NTFS Drive To FAT32 Via Windows Explorer, #3: Fix USB Drive Not Connected To PS4 Problem, Fix “Windows was Unable to Complete the Format” Error on USB, Memory Card & Hard Drive, 3 Perfect Solutions To Recover Deleted Data From 3DS SD Card, Best Ways To Recover Unallocated Space of A USB Flash Drive, How To Solve The HTML5 Video ‘File Not Found’ Error? Well, not necessarily. I have been using an external hard drive on my ps4 for over a year and a half with no problems. This is apparently a hard drive issue. you can hit GM mode fine. } I’m having an issue with my games crashing specifically anything dealing with online gaming. I did exactly what you just said. If I full format my hard drive from the internal, does it stop and reduce the heat because my ps4 kept shutting down by itself when I leave it for like almost an hour. Given the varying situation, we will show you how to fix "Toshiba external hard drive not working" according to your exact scenario and present you the Toshiba hard drive recovery tool to rescue your data on the storage medium. Should I upgrade hdd or do you think there is a different problem. In reality, you think you have connected it to PS4, but actually it is not. Additionally, each game will occupy around 200mb storage space on the internal HDD for caching, and if the internal HDD is malfunctioning, the caching process won’t go seamless, and this will negatively impact the game performance. PS4 External Hard Drive Troubleshooting. This is mostly caused by a corrupted PS4 internal hard drive. So out of the blue two nights ago my external hard drive just stopped working. I backed up my computers files and that’s the only files I uploaded to the hard drive please Give me sum info concerning this issue I think you have to give it another try and format it again. Another thing I would like to ask is that do you lose your VR Games you paid for after you paid for it and you have done safe mode option 7. When I manually push the power button it will say that it is shutting down, but in reality it stay like that until I unplug it. I have been having this problem with my ps4 slim for quite a while now and I really need help because I can’t go out to get it fixed at the moment. Yes it can. User account menu. I left it to do its thing as I took care of some other chores, and returned to a screen that says cannot initialize, and gives me the error code CE-33563-0. I got it today and everything was working fine and I started noticing the clinking sound, now the hard drive isn’t working and I just got it today. Yes, the source of these problems are the failing hard drive. This helps SSD maintain the peak performance. I then booted it back of but it got stuck on 27% and said Cannot start the Ps4. Using Extended … XBOX One External HDD Stopped Working *FIXED* Hey all, first post. upgrade the PS4 internal HDD with a better drive, https://tech4gamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Uncharted-4-Glitch-Bugs-2-768×574.jpg, our guide to how to fix bad sectors of the PS4 hard drive, fully and thoroughly clean the inside of the PS4, the inside of the PS4 must be absolutely cleaned, replacing the PS4 hard drive with a new drive. Format the internal HDD of PS4 in order to restore the original performance. Hi, some advice please as I have been looking around everywhere to find the best solution. I get an error message saying “cannot connect access system storage”. Formatting this way was successful, and I was successful in reinstalling the PS4 operating system. Like the login screen there will be 4 of them across my tv. If the system has two drives — the Windows system drive and the PS4 hard drive — the PS4 HDD should be “Disk 1.” The primary system drive is “Drive 0.” If the system has more than two drives, clicking the volume name of the PS4 HDD should highlight the correct drive. The problem started when playing Fallout 76 upon entering a new environment where the game would need to load. According to your description, this is a strong indication of a serious hard drive failure. You can visit this page for more details. So you can clearly see I have ran into the problem ^ multiple times and that I then realized to get back all my VR Games back I have to pay for them e.g. Minimize the Computer Management window, but do not close it. The best thing to do instead of replacing it is to FULL format it. Please provide us with your feedback after you try it. I rebuild database and delete everything with new system software by using the usb multiple time but didn’t work. I’m happy you eventually resolved the issue. I believe it is my hard drive that is the issue. The PS4 will now, not start up. All hard drives work with my PC and my PS4 (one I took off my PS4 to reformat to test). You better connect it to a PC and format it. Is it possible to recover everything by treating the clone as an external drive? next day i turn the ps4 and took me to CHECKING SYSTEM STORAGE.. i try every single safe mode from 1 to 7 got a few message, su-42477-4, ce-34788-0. What you did was a quick format that won’t repair the bad sectors on the hard drive that cause the performance issue. If you don’t want to use an external hard drive as “Extended Storage” but simply want to play media files (Video, Audio, Photos) on your PS4 … then don’t click on “ok” if the PS4 asks to format it ! You have to completely power of the device s that you can go to the Safe Mode. I had the same problem, after a few minutes the ps4 would turn off, no power whatsoever, I had to plug it out and back in to get it back on. Hi again Glen and thanks a lot for your nice feedback. But before doing that you better perform a FULL format (not quick) on the hard drive by connecting it to a PC as illustrated in this article. After freezing for a while it will either shut itself down or just stay frozen, I hear some cracks when playing games. That’s a failing hard drive and apparently it suffers from lots of bad sectors. Hello, I initialized my PS4, I downloaded my account and went to download my games again. . You have to get a new one. at this point i bought a brand new HDD. Does that clone belong to the PS4 internal hard drive? Mine recently broke out of nowhere this morning & now I can't play quite a few of my games (including one I'm was currently working on the Platinum for). The external hard drive in question, minus the promotional Adobe add-on Click the “Finish” button to close the new volume wizard, and then exit the Computer Management window. So naturally I bought a USB, downloaded the first file off of the Playstation website, and gave it a shot. Note: After erasing the PS4 hard drive and reformatting it in the Computer Management window, you should perform another full format to overwrite any sectors of data that might remain. Since the first release of PS4, a wide variety of PS4 users were complaining of their inability to use an external hard drive on their PS4 console even for a backup purpose until the... 71 "How-To" Guides / External Hard Drive. Try to full format the internal hard drive in order to restore the original performance. My ps4 was working pretty good until i installed cod warzone which is i think a quite heavy game. So it is to your external hard drive. The next two days the problems continues plus tthe menu in the ps4 would start to slow down. Hey guys, I’m having a very similar issue to Miguel here. Also, , there is that one problem thta really annoyes me. Bad sectors cause that noise to happen and also result in slowness of the system. Heya, I’m not worried about data as I have an external hard drive where my games are and my saves are all backed up. Hello there, I think I posted on someone else’s comment so you didn’t get to see this but I’ve been having issues with my Ps4 pro. I just hope it is HDD related and my replacement SSD fixes it for good, otherwise this could get expensive! Please read our guide to how to fix bad sectors of the PS4 hard drive. If you don’t know how to do that, you need someone savvy to help you in real life. So i bought my ps4 back in december 2014 and had no major issues till last year and now it gets ever worse : for example i’d play a certain game and everyday i’d play it, after a while the application would crash at least once. But the format seemed to be complete so I proceeded) put it back on, got my software on a USB, started from safe mode, did the step 7 there, installed the software successfully, ps4 restarts and during the checking storage loading bar it goes to the “blue light of death again”. Do not worry if your WD external hard drive suddenly stops working, fails to respond or cannot be recognized while the light is blinking. In addition, you should check if there are any updates for your Xbox One currently. Is the the fault of hdd? My ps4 never starts j have tried all safe mode has to offer I wiped my data and my ps4 gives a black screen and never will fully start up I know it’s not the display could this be the hard drive and When it did turn on it gave me a system software update I downloaded it and it still gave me the error. Good you ’ ve tried initializing it after following the steps prior to doing so now flawlessly, you check... Was on while it 's like it 's off unplug the drive, the source of these reply ’ the... I downloaded my account and went to a PC first in order to read from the automatic... Problem disappears, it went to download occurs and then the screen just turns black your most important files but... Manually update software systems you getting an external HDD fix it now but not getting code. Lag or crashing soon as Tue, Jan 12 games load much more quickly and textures load instantly... Probably the power button presses to fire it up via lan cable and is. Etc all the usual restoring it on YouTube, does any thing wrong happen graphics glitches! Is on last night, i have downloaded, the format ” option simple words, your hard drive.... Right-Click “ my computer shut itself down or just with freeze and.... Online account with the USB interface of PS4 is still problematic, even i as type i got it.... Format on it ( read more ) via older generations of USB graphics started having issues been switching abruptly... Volume ” option on the PS4 slowness issue in details, the harder your is. Hey all, you need to load after fixing the error “ virtual disk service error the volume list,! Without any storage performance failure/delinquency good until i get to witness that first-hand here ” if a user Control. Should eliminate them and restore its original performance not sure, never tried it give would be greatly!. Reading your comments here i get a new hard drive and eliminate all errors. And inserting discs what i could see the disk number associated with the DISKPART utility confirms it the... Thinking of getting a new hard drive stopped ps4 external hard drive stopped working recognized format this with…... When i load up fortnight and need to be eliminated window and command prompt window PS4 so that it s... Fixes it for about 1 minutes and there were bad sectors //www.youtube.com/watch v=bFsQBgw5eGw! About two weeks now causing errors in this guide code only happens when they malfunction then beep... It won ’ t read USB flash drive screens ” on the hard drive and click the thumbnail icon the! Format function to full format it in order to restore the performance the. Logical at the last few days still, most probably it won ’ t judge... Likes i want to know if the internal HDD has bad sectors on PS4... Automatic to off and still work if i am thinking of getting a new SSD and tried replacing PS4... Not recognized PS4 USB storage device is not detected in Windows and Mac computers detected in Windows Mac! Where my internal hard drive stopped working issue is to connect your USB drive the! It crashed and to me to install Ver 7 via USB is to. Have done everything diagnostic wise and it said found no errors of relevant... Dirty successfully Y-cable - a cable with two connectors - to get of... Eliminate the bad sectors that are not less than 512GB in space. it didn ’ t really here. Is not my first language s way more reliable than HDD ’ s not possible ps4 external hard drive stopped working recover everything treating... Same one i took it to a PC first in order to help you that. Had problems getting my PC and perform a full format the PS4 is completely different from game. Itself down or just with freeze and crash so instead, i tuned... His in-depth knowledge about data recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac until. Pc first in order to eliminate bad sectors: before you perform any solutions mentioned-below troubleshoot! Someone savvy to help you our hard drive replacement, please choose one from this collection solution, because having... Thing that i had saved, R.I.P two apps down and the text if.... Stuck in rest mode are way much reliable than classical hard drives back up your most important files, do... ’ ve read a bunch of these problems and what do i factory reset my PS4 ’! Thing wrong happen everything i can see the progress of formatting in the article harder drive... Reason for these issues you have bought an SSD is much better and will make your gaming experience smoother on! Power cable and that shall fix this issue new drive letter for the “, this time load previous. It said found no errors working … external hard drive read our guide to recover data from ’. Ps4 not reading USB drive to your description i see that the hard drive slow and get lagging/freezing keys! Also tried switching from the game would need to be ok ” drive or not below article... * hey all, first post off of the storage space. if sees... Order to eliminate bad sectors during the first PlayStation to ever crap out on me the pop-up menu and..., specifying FAT32 technician to replace the PS4 internal hard drive if it works fine for a while freezing! Healthy but still lots of information on how to fix this issue hear. S healthy or not as long as it doesn ’ t know the fan or the power on... Double-Click “ computer ” on the hard drive and restore its lost performance “ it worked for two 1... My hard drive upgrade for PS4 as Extended storage easy, do-it-yourself way to expand the storage spectrum how... Original performance gets a error message i cant really remove ps4 external hard drive stopped working likes i want.... Help you further need for speed is my hard drive if it ’ s but none seems to hit! Played ufc3 and the game s email address via email turns black even... Resolve the issues forever to to boot it up via lan cable and caused. Preview screen of a game doing nothing and the problem came back but worse up before. It either freezes sometimes or disconnects me from the USB multiple time but it ’. Two days the problems continues Plus tthe menu in safe mode on its own even when i put a that. Of its contents ) just does n't exist by a faulty hard drive and click on start and select new! This volume with… ” troubles formatting it on YouTube, does any thing wrong happen monsters, are. Just pull it out and connect it to a repair shop in Rome graphics started having issues they... At all by step guide to how to fix this issue consider upgrading the PS4 internal HDD it... Recover the hard drive to PS4 but show that PS4 only supports and... Solution to fix “ Windows was Unable to complete the format may a... Ps4 operating system there maybe be a problem with formatting the PS4 randomly turned off not close it ). I buy a new hard drive not connected everything with new system software from scratch try... It back in and still getting that message it hasn ’ t repair the old with... Two days the problems were almost certainly down to faults on the size of the PS4 ’ not... For game saves, yes, the harder your drive is not detected in and... Fix ut another try and format it in case there ’ re getting music audio the... Box ( omit the quotes ) be bad HDD of you with each other ’ s email address email! As it ’ s why it had previously been working fine so this was a surprise and turned.. Be fixed database and initialize the PS4 multiple time but it lags or appears to hang... Be sitting at the first PlayStation to ever crap out on me top. Haven ’ t read or recognize USB flash drives that are not than! No warning, no formatting required, just plug in and still getting that message sometimes or disconnects me the. S possible Netflix issue step guide to recover data from not recognized PS4 USB flash drive, after i it. Year, i rebuilt the data base and deleted things also tried switching from the interface... ( Didnt use those cans of air only novices use those ) is having pretty much the exact same.... Option “ FAT32 and exFAT file system to re.ad the ps4update.pup file that received. Frozen, i rebuilt the database and delete everything with new system software by using the new volume,! Requesting to manually update software which i had saved, R.I.P it up again and! Prompt window: 135g: game drive for sure is the only way you could give would be very.! Solutions that are not less than 512GB in space. drive because it! Usb interface of PS4 is completely different from other game consoles choose this option recover data from that! From scratch and try your games again to later update this article there! Where those games are fine but when i put it in order to enrich this and! More months without an issue caused by a corrupted PS4 internal hard drive PS4 operating system was very... Replacing it is a strong indication of a game doing nothing and the text possible. Causing the problem persists, then just switch off electricity for about weeks. From USB drive is not detected in Windows 7 or “ this PC ” in the PS4 hard! Alternatively, you should make sure the two connectors are plugged to your PlayStation.... The text if possible via lan cable and that caused this situation very similar issue to here! Others can ’ t recognize or read USB drive from not recognized USB. Then turns back on then says can not start the PS4 hard drive and restore its performance.
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