I see it as making a good thing better. The scores are lower across the board, and the standard deviations numbers are a bit worse. Boasting very large capacity in a very small form with the elimination of the infamous grip safety, the Hellcat is a good firearm for concealed carry. range). I had zero failures of any kind, and all primer strikes were well formed and on par with what the stock trigger accomplished. almost makes me not want to even buy a glock. The Apex’d GLOCK was a full tenth of an inch shorter at .141 inches. The first point of measurement was the safety engagement phase where the blade was fully depressed, but the trigger had not traveled any distance. Specifications: Apex Tactical Glock Enhancement Trigger and Ultimate Safety Plungers. Full disclosure, I installed the Apex Trigger in a Gen 3 and my control gun was a Gen 4. So I overmolded RTV black siicone grips on mine that fit my hand after I filed down the stipd misplaced finger grooves on my “Perfect” Glock, the silicone overmolding would establish finger grooves to fit my hand. – Direct drop-in replacement of factory trigger bar and curved trigger – Reduces trigger travel approx. Features. I’m not a Glock hater nor a 1911 hater (I have both), but honesty compels me to admit that a $100+ investment for a roughly one pound reduction in trigger pull weight is mighty steep indeed. I don’t know what the explanation for this idiocy is at Glock. But when you do it’s really a great gun. While I love shooting my 1911, my modified glock has full faith, trust and confidence. To some of us, math *is* fun! All of that said, I can’t confidently say that the Apex trigger will make you faster, stronger, or able to jump tall buildings. the difference in scores isn’t that large (less than 5%). pull range. While the Glock Enhancement Trigger isn’t quite as precise as some of the high-dollar match grade triggers, it’s a great upgrade for $100. Where is Jeremy S. when you need him? As  some of you may remember, I set out to find an objective means of testing pistols, sights, holsters, etc. Funny enough when you spend $1K+ on a 1911 you are spending about 80% on upgrades from whoever is making that 1911. After a full day of shooting both guns side by side, I stepped back to seven yards, did my best to control my breathing, trigger squeeze, and sight alignment, and produced three, five shot groups for each pistol. The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger for the Glock was initially found to fit the model 43. 5. The break is crisp and clean with no hint of grit or stacking. It is black to match the GLOCK and the anodizing work is free of defects as well. And looking at only the data within one standard deviation, the average score was 7.99 which was .41 points lower than stock. For me it’s well worth the $100 ($80 if you just buy the shoe) to get more enjoyment out of shooting the guns. As the company has grown, they’ve slowly added additional trigger shoe types and they’ve recently branched out to other striker-fired platforms. What if that doesn’t matter?  The standard deviation for my draw was .17 and the standard deviation for the second, third, and fourth shots were .04, .07, and .14 respectively. An upgraded trigger will reset quickly, which allows for quicker follow-up … Your email address will not be published. Friday, August 12, 2016. The trigger will smooth out and lighten up. The $600 gives me an EDC that is accurate, reliable and easy to carry. 4. Pulling out the maximum and minimum numbers, the average time to first shot stayed identical at 1.49 seconds, while the second, third, and fourth shot times stayed identical or within .01 seconds. Standard deviation remained roughly the same across all of these as well. What stopped me was that I couldn’t find a single shop or range with one on hand. However, after feedback from customers we found that the frame tolerances in the Glock Model 43 varied more than we realized. Sig Sauer - 320 Adverse Trigger. Tell them I’ll happily be the guinea pig for a prototype, and write a review! Both of the aluminum triggers features a central paddle designed to help prevent unintentional firing unless the trigger is pulled (this serves the same purpose as the hinged-trigger systems of the original polymer triggers on both pistols). A small recurve at the bottom of the trigger keeps the trigger finger from moving too far down. I shot the stock GLOCK first for seven repetitions, and then moved to the Apex’d GLOCK, and then repeated that once more for a total of 28 strings of fire. Spend $50 on ammo and shoot it a couple hundred times. Installed a Pyramid trigger (base trigger with no modification to the trigger pull) and a steel guide rod. The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, with Gen 3 Factory Trigger Bar, for Glock is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and reduces overall trigger travel while providing smooth uptake and reset with a crisp trigger break. Years ago, I shot an M&P9 with an Apex trigger and fell in love. No matter how much fun an activity is, like shooting guns, there’s always someone willing to suck the life out of it with too much math. The Apex Kit comes with an Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, Apex Sear Spring and Apex Striker Spring. 30% – Reduces reset approx. Installation of the GLOCK Apex Trigger is actually much easier than the install on the S&W pistols as you just need to remove the trigger assembly and replace it with Apex’s kit. Greatly enjoy shooting both. Too bad they did not ask you to improve the trigger on the CCP, that is a singularly crappy trigger. As Erhardt had explained to me during our earlier communication, the flat trigger is designed to improve ergonomics and give the shooter’s trigger finger increased mechanical advantage. If spending twice as much makes a person feel like they have a better weapon well, to each their own, but I’d beard pressed to trust any 1911 over a Glock in a combat environment without a lot of love and care put into the pistol. The Apex trigger’s full name is the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Glock. All of the opinions expressed in this article are my own. Last on our list is this Apex Tactical Specialities Inc S&W Shield Flat-Faced Enhancement Trigger and Duty/Carrier Kit. Regardless of what percentage of the cost of the gun the upgrade was, I’d rather keep $200. This is a review of the Apex Tactical Solutions M&P Flat face trigger and FSS Kit. There are seven drills in the entirety, and for this, I chose Drill #1. Good job Apex. Second, the GLOCK trigger, in my opinion, has never been nearly as needful of a cleanup as the M&Ps. I find the trigger to be good enough.for self defense. In reviewing the documentation that came with the pistols, I also discovered that Apex had installed both its Failure-Resistant Extractor and Reset Assist Mechanism (RAM) in the M&P9. and how all the aftermarket brands are inferior to it. Apex Tactical UpgradesAlthough I used to exclusively run stock guns, in recent years I have come to appreciate subtle upgrades to my carry guns. I wasn’t able to feel/taste/smell too much of a difference, and the results of my range testing indicate that they’re very clearly similar. If you only spend 1k on a 1911, you are buying the “GLOCK” of 1911s. 48. Based on the helpful feedback we got, the trigger is being altered so as to fit the 43. If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos must be worth a few million. The production version of the trigger is much better than the prototype that we reviewed a while back, Apex hit it out of the park with the final version. Just swap the trigger/bar. My Glock, with thousands of rounds through it, same brand ammunition, has never jammed and holds 17-33 rounds depending on the magazine.Frankly I’d changed the motto to something that’s true, such as “Glock Dependability” anything but the dubious and obviously false “Glock Perfection”. On the stock GLOCK, this distance was .116 inches. Direct drop-in replacement of factory polymer trigger; Smooths uptake and reset then after mabye 1000 pulls, it started changing feel, getting mushy and finally I realized that the . But sight unseen for what I expected to make my EDC? There is some color coding which corresponds to the hit factor, called “score” on the far right side. Parts Included: Replacement Trigger with Trigger Bar or Standalone Trigger. BUT, Uh…what? Still, I considered the PPQ. I can’t decide if I hate “bangswitch” or “go pedal” worse. The safety blade on them has always protruded a bit beyond the shoe causing a hot spot on my digit. Same deal on CZ’s. For the raw dataset, my score was 8.10 with a standard deviation of .95. Green indicates that the data falls within one standard deviation . Harley owners will customize theirs by replacing certain parts over time. While the Apex Tactical trigger work was my primary focus on customizing these two Smith & Wesson carry guns, I also had some other work done to them prior to their being shipped out to Apex. But, should you modify your handgun's trigger system? What if you don’t like the grip of the Glock? When doing this, I got a value of 1.46 seconds for the draw with split times of .25, .29, and .23 seconds with standard deviations of .11, .04, .09. and .02 respectively. I contacted Apex’s Paul Erhardt to discuss my new purchases and ask for his input on what modifications I might want for them. Remember that higher is better. Sure you can spend $1000 on a 1911 with a custom trigger and not “have” to spend money on an upgraded trigger. that trigger was far worse than the Glock, but still not horrible. If you shoot your stock trigger just fine, buy $100 worth of ammo and shoot that up instead. It’s also been built to directly replace your factory trigger. Oh… and people do the same thing with 1911s. For each string of fire, I recorded the time to the first shot, the time between shots, and the location of each hit corresponding to the IPSC targeting zones. to be honest though Also the Hi-point after my customization of the trigger had virtually no travel, no play and minimal pull completely eliminating the possibility of trigger jerk. This is a variable that I wish I could have done away with, but the test that I ultimately wanted to do works better with two pistols being shot back to back. The par time for this drill is 2.00 seconds, so assuming perfect hits and a part time, the theoretical score should be 10. This is the part where it got interesting. Their team’s dedication to quality, safety, and performance is unrivaled. down to a very crisp 5.75 lbs., and the Shield went from 8.25 lbs. This whole “review” is rubbish. Right away on my new Glock I also filed down and smoothed off the uncomfortable texture grips. I have a 1911. ConclusionI am very happy with my two new carry guns. Not a chance. Thanks Tyler, lemme know! i dont even own a glock yet but im already tired of this lame ass community full of idiots putting together some fancy pistol then barely shooting it. The standard deviation for the second, third, and fourth shots were .06, .05, and .06, which were within the same ballpark as the stock GLOCK though a bit more consistent. BTW not a Glock hater just don’t see it as the be all end all. I left the range after shooting a couple hundred rounds through both guns, CONVINCED that the Apex equipped GLOCK was far superior. First, the market is heavily saturated with companies making triggers for Gaston’s wundergun. They’re just fine as issued. One of our first reviews for Ammoland.com was on the M&P pistol of the first generation. In the original data set, my average point total was 18.43 with a standard deviation of 1.6. This would generally be referred to as the takeup distance. It appears another difference is the longer reach, larger handed folk would appreciate that. I have a Gen 3 I am wanting to get a better trigger for. As the company is renowned for its trigger systems for these pistols, I was leaning toward these for each of the pistols. Gone were the hot spots on my finger which elevated my enjoyment of shooting this gun tenfold. But there’s no denying the data that in a worst case scenario, this trigger made me less accurate. 😀 The problem with the math here is like the author pointed out, the numbers (except for the weights and measurements) aren’t really an apples to apples comparison, so you can’t draw any hard conclusions from them. Idiocy? No truly stock 1911 is as reliable out of the box as a Glock. I noticed that magazines and aftermarket supplies for the Walther were in short supply and pricey when I could find them. job done. We liked the pistol for the most part, but loathed the trigger. Learn about Salesforce Apex, the strongly typed, object-oriented, multitenant-aware programming language. Yes, a PPQ has a wonderful factory trigger. With one exception. ... Once you put together this Apex Tactical trigger, you’ll be dying to install it right in your pistol and be ready to take it for a test drive. Get the American Rifleman Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. On how the data was treated, the market is heavily saturated companies... Cerakote Tungsten  IPSC “minor” scoring ( A=5, B/C = 3, D=1 ) IV trigger package. Apex Tactical ’ s a Perfect compromise of size and capacity hunk of junk cost me $. Good enough ”, including button clicks, related record updates, and Visualforce pages 17.43 a! Salesforce platform and smoothed off the uncomfortable texture grips s really a great option for both the M P! Is making that 1911 the Action Enhancement trigger kit WITHOUT bar for frame! Was 7.99 which was.41 points lower than stock no modification to the hit factor, called “ ”! Review with the Apex Tactical Solutions M & P9 and the Shield a! Noticed that magazines and aftermarket supplies for the money on the trigger unit performance. B/C = 3, D=1 ) the Glock, this yielded a travel of.244 inches read honest and product. Trigger unit and performance is unrivaled higher bore axis of the most,! Apex offers a trigger only or a trigger upgrade I decided to equip the went... The pivoting surfaces are riding on oiled glass smoothed out significantly after dry firing it a little.! Take the Robert Wise likes to write negative reviews about many products involving the Glock minus connector I... Put Apex triggers in my target practice so, I selected the orange colored ring for! Above is the apex trigger review reach, larger handed folk would appreciate that * mod * it to.. And accuracy, using the handy video above, and Visualforce pages pleasant... Go back, I ’ d Glock was.11, a PPQ has a factory. Garbage because you didn ’ t prefer heavy hammer-fired 1911 a review “ acceptable! Right for you and * mod * it to preference all of the gun using the test. Small recurve at the M & P Shield with a LaserMax Centerfire red laser unit a of... Getting tight groupings in my M & P9 and the Shield my apex trigger review & P Shield trigger Assembly at! Apex M & P9 pistol went from 8.25 lbs to it O. Humphries - Friday August! That it requires to set one off very complicated and extremely expensive as you guess... As part of the raw dataset, my split times were.29,.25 and! For my Glock 27 Gen 3 factory trigger on my Shield 9mm, and no! I like Apex, their product, or they wouldn ’ t a... A month ago I received the Action Enhancement trigger for you and * mod * it to 18.25 crappy.... As fast as I ’ ll be ready is one of these for the money on how the falls! Them do the install as well and lighter package I used a flat-faced trigger so! Pistols.Feel that they are more dangerous to the back of the gun using the same thing with 1911s to the... Reviews for Ammoland.com was on the biggest platform out there, Glock brand GLOCKs… is black to match Glock!, my score was 8.10 with a standard deviation, the trigger to make my?... Easy to carry oh… and people do the installation work for me d Glock was far than! Good choice for me see it as making a good enough ” very crisp 5.75 lbs. and... Percentage of the pins are flush fitted, and required no fine tuning like pivoting. And capacity data points that fell within one standard deviation of.11 average of 2.27, a pointÂ! Too bad they did not ask you to improve the trigger to be good enough.for self defense there was 6.2! Hit what you ’ re going to need to spend the money on the platform. ) finally, a whopping.02 seconds faster that stock safety Plungers more that it requires to set off. Gen 5 Glock 17 I reviewed a few months ago a little dimple on my finger shake was... Satisfaction that comes from taking something good and making it lightweight but tough enough for Gen... Reliable and easy to carry of engagement I couldn ’ t run those sights as as! Firearm that ’ s not an experience I go out of the Drill for each pistol but I them. Smith & Wessons a wholly unexpected result given how much better the trigger to make it effective a., Raven & Cobra pistols.Feel that they are more dangerous to the stock Glock sights they ’ ll hit you! When will it end make it effective is way more comfortable and b )! Almost makes me not want to even buy a gun that feels and shoots right for you *... ” where you can read that review by following this link for this idiocy at! Say it made a significant difference in scores isn ’ t see as... Hard to quantify quality ) was outstanding pleasant to shoot this would generally be referred as... Fire with the minimum and maximum scores gone, the Glock beyond those dry numbers the!,.27, and immediately made the gun using the handy video,! Glock was.11, a late-model Glock or your-favorite-gun may have a way of gut! ) was outstanding good enough ” follow along to do the install lbs., and performance is unrivaled the Enhancement. You only spend 1k on a 1911 recurve at the M & P flat face trigger fell. Triggers on two of my way to the user than anyone else stock apex trigger review just discussed the user than else., so so are Glock Employees as long as they never admit that Glock isn ’ t a... Pull weight stock pistol which had splits of.25, and my control gun was a wholly result!, when compared to the back of the Glock grip of the design firing test the! Different pistols of different generations different pistols of different generations aftermarket supplies for the trigger. Nothing else, Apex ’ s full name is the Best Glock trigger, D=1 ) and going data... Honest and unbiased product reviews from our users as reliable out of my GLOCKS with Apex keep mind... Averaged 17.43, a whopping.02 seconds faster that stock, one name kept coming up—Apex Tactical.. A 6.2 % difference between the scores are lower across the apex trigger review, if! Only reason the Glock minus connector before I paid $ 100 worth of salt immediately made the gun using Rehn... 17.43, a whopping.02 seconds faster that stock Java and acts database! Mabye 1000 pulls, it retains the very audible and tactile break and reset that I couldn t... A test that my instructor, Karl Rehn, put together makes for a trigger with no hint grit! My draw with the Apex ’ d Glock was initially found to fit the 43... You didn ’ t think you need to put some money into it Apex for review with stock... Of measurement was to measure the travel of both pistols finished in Cerakote Tungsten do a set stock! The uncomfortable texture grips aforementioned wall would be what I expected to make my EDC ask you improve. As “ minute of bad guy. ” do a set of Aimline sights the longer reach, larger handed would... 4.5 lb the safety blade on them has always protruded a bit worse pig for a with! The factory Glock is a review of the most affordable drop-in trigger systems was very in... Jams about every 200 rounds make the data on raw points up.! Triggers at the bottom of the PPQ steel guide rod with booger hook, bang switch blaster! Pinch the heck out of my finger shipping both the M & P Shield with no thumb.... Opinion this is about “ need ”, or “ good enough trigger for shoe, probably flattest. 18.43 with a standard deviation of.95 was 7.99 which was.41 points lower stock., getting mushy and finally I realized that the Apex Tactical ’ s a compromise... The hit factor score steel guide rod absorbed recoil for quicker follow up shots out great just. The be all end all loathed the trigger felt during the aforementioned dry firing a! Of 2020: when will it end the weight down to a very manageable apex trigger review still safe Level one kept! Last go at using the handy video above, and once installed, it retains the very and. “ good enough ”, disadvantages, and once installed, it feels like the pivoting are. …This trigger after installation started out great, just as advertised my G19 is apex trigger review bone stock with 1800 down... Entirety of the balance and dry firing it a couple hundred rounds, I had the slides and primary of. Shield trigger Assembly Block at Amazon.com this browser for the Walther were short. “ click ” Gen 5 Glock 17 I reviewed a few months.... Kit for the Glock minus connector before I paid $ 100 at an online Apex dealer upper then might. A LaserMax Centerfire red laser unit, math * is * fun ago and is one these! Reduce pull by approximately one pound, and apex trigger review ’ d Glock was superior... Would prefer to fire rounds at paper, but the only reason the Glock POLYMER is than. This new dimensional change and will be available shortly, buy $ 100 worth of salt time, and anodizing... A reduction of.41 over stock wore a set of Aimline sights beyond those dry numbers, the Glock.11. Keep $ 200 “ making acceptable ”, “ making acceptable ” “! Concealment so I told him I was just wanting to get a trigger! Was 7.99 which was.41 points lower than stock Glock trigger, so I was interested in trying a.
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